Vugar Aslanov was born in GoranboyAzerbaijan. He is a writer and journalist from Azerbaijan. He studied literature in the State University of Baku. By the 1990s he was working in Baku for various newspapers. He and the information agency Səmt (Drift) founded the newspaper, Kompas, which he ran from 1995 to 1998. During that time he edited a book of short stories and also wrote short stories. Many of his stories were published by the writers union of Azerbaijan in its literary magazines. He emigrated from Azerbaijanin in 1998 to Germany. In Germany he was able to continue his journalistic and literary work. He lectured and wrote about the various republics in the former Soviet Union. In 2007 he wrote a book in German called The Cotton Fields.[1] The Cotton Fields is a volume of seven of his short stories on aspects of life; for example, in one story his protagonist is a hospital's very tired accountant