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women with nice racks
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I have a feeling the problem is, you're used to not putting out any signals and having guys rush you anyway, and now you're running with a more mature crowd and that isn't happening. Men fantasize about women under the age of 25, unless we're under 25 and then they fantasize some of them for an older woman. Welcome to the thirty-somethings. So, start dating younger guys or put out stronger signals, because the days of you pretending you don't want it and guys rushing you anyway… are over. You're entering the dead zone though. Just don't ask me about the last third because you will probably be in for a scowl and silence. So, if a guy can choose between a perky, firm rack with that new-titty smell still on it, or an older model that has begun to sag and has high mileage, he's choosing the newer model.

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Ansley. Age: 28.
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I don't know where I went wrong but for the past six months, except for one short two- week long oasis of totally respectable sexual activity I have gotten no play.

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Lillianna. Age: 21.
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Girls with Nice Racks (60 pics)

So, they're stuck with hooking up with younger guys that want an older-woman-story for their repertoire. Most gals don't like their men with "nice racks". Until then me and my nice rack will continue to drive home frustrated and alone from all these awesomely G-rated dates. See Sushi date previously referenced.

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