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Her heels clicked against the concrete as she walked up the front porch stairs and inside the house, a purplish tint slowly cascading over her body the further she got away from the door. I get bored sitting around in my multi million dollar mansion, with my countless butlers. I hope when taylor re records her albums she also re does her covers. Source: aesthetics-and-other-shit Older posts Subscribe via RSS. You had totally forgotten the name not that was really important that you remembered anyway.

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Sarah. Age: 31.
tumblr pov

Your usually long straight hair, boring you would say but Niall hated when you said this because there was nothing boring about you, were now full of soft bouncy curls.

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Perla. Age: 30.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Vanitys mouth gaped open, surprised that Nikki would even say that to her. Keep reading Source: sunshine--temptress. Why are you acting like that? Ever since Vanity returned home four months ago , Nikki has been one persistent son of a bitch.

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