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We'll spare you the gory details-but let's just say they involved the woman's boyfriend bringing her to climax on stage, using a contraption called a "fucksaw," and plenty of gasps, not just from flabbergasted students. I did not wish, and I do not wish, to surrender to sex negativity and fear. What're we supposed to take away from that? On the afternoon of February 21st Ken MB and colleagues arrived while I was finishing my lecture, on sexual arousal. Led by a man whose website describes him as a "psychic detective and ghost hunter," it was called "Networking for Kinky People," and began with a towel placed neatly on the auditorium stage.

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Cynthia. Age: 27.
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Yes, she was over 21, we're told-and the guy stimulating her was introduced as her boyfriend.

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Sawyer. Age: 22.
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I hesitated only briefly before saying "yes. I have had previous experiences with these silencing attempts myself. As students moved forward from the theater's back seats, for a closer view, "The girl grabbed the mic," says Sean Lavery, a Northwestern freshman. What're we supposed to take away from that?

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