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mercy monster tumblr
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The story is told in the form of a Tumblr ask-blog - an interactive roleplay blog run from the perspectives of fictional characters- and comprehends both single pages, answering fan asks, and narrative arcs, following fan directions. The elder brother, he's 9 years old and was named after Chara's adoptive brother. Chara's sparring partner, she became so close to her to become her new adoptive mom. He's a big softie, scaredy cat, still protective towards his little sister. He's of English descent and one of the brightest students in Toriel's school. She's always cheerful and kind - except when her family is threatened - supporting Chara during her worst moments. Ask Mercy Series is a webcomic created by Sai-shou that focuses on the Charisk ship.

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Remington. Age: 27.
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She's 23 and her appearences are identical to Frisk's, but she has big scars and red eyes.

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Sara. Age: 21.
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She's 23 and of German descent, she likes hack and slash games and dislikes chocolate. However, she's always ready to talk and forgive and only use this power as last chance of self-defense. He lives with the Charisk after being rescued by Frisk. She wants to fully live her new life: she works as a sort of police officer, using her strenght to prevent violence between monsters and humans and arresting ruffian people.

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