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For those of you who want to bottom like a virgin once more, you can now get your anus rejuvenated. Those with bigger hips and butts consistently beat their non-curvy counterparts. The thinking behind this is the hips and butt store essential omega-3 fatty acids which promote brain growth. This is the process creating the smelly gas. So make sure you concentrate down on your pelvic muscles. And what better way to remember all the key facts about a colonoscopy than with a song.

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So if you do smell it the person who made it might be just as surprised as you.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It looks like a tubular structure, a little like a swiss roll. However, there are also external ones can be painful and itchy. Shigellosis is an intestinal disease that causes bloody diarrhea, stomach pain, a fever and the constant need to poo even when your bowels are empty. You probably belch and even fart a little bit without even noticing most of the day.

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