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Suyin's eyes went very wide as Kuivira bound her to a cross and then walked around to her, smiling. Raising a mirror to her, Suyin saw her next rapist as he slammed into her with pleasure, and she did scream this time uninterrupted by the kiss, and realized that there were thirty more people after him. Most of the rapists had used her like a piece of meat, he actually took the time to make her feel good, and his licking along the side of her face and her neck made it still worse as by complete accident he'd found some of the things she most enjoyed. Made her hear one of her sons order the others imprisoned. She would not bow to support my new era, but to herald the era of the Great Uniter, she shall show her devotion another way! The AFF system includes a rigorous and complex abuse control system in order to prevent improper use of the AFF service, and we hope that its deployment indicates a good-faith effort to eliminate any illegal material on the site in a fair and unbiased manner.

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Suyin was struck at the time by the sheer magnitude of the evil that Kuvira had put her through to a point that she'd failed to consider she was in her most fertile time. Suyin suddenly stopped her attempts to fight and each piece of the metal fell, one by one, starting at her neck. More of it fell, revealing a taught stomach that reflected long exercise and focus from the impact of sustained earthbending. Kuvira smiled as she said:.

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