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Your account will be banned permanently. It often indicates a user profile. The comments sections underneath those photo galleries are full of other users, all anonymized, weighing in with correspondingly disturbing remarks. Many of the photos are unlikely to be legally considered "pornography," similar to the ruling with Ciccarella, as the children aren't fully nude. Terms of service aside, it's clear from a brief look around the site that those rules are loose at best. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The website has been used in other countries to identify uploaders of illicit pictures of minors as well.

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Ciccarella pleaded guilty on Friday to lying to federal investigators about an email address for a Russian website; according to Assistant US Attorney Gregory Schiller, the photos didn't constitute child pornography.

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Some of those photos feature children in their underwear or various states of undress. In every case, those photos were paired with sexual comments from the original uploaded and other users. You'd never know from the front page of the Russian website iMGSRC that, within its depths, dozens of users are sharing photos of children in various states of undress.

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