Feet fetish tease

feet fetish tease
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An ex-lover of the famous athlete was quoted saying , "Alex is a player, a big player who cannot go a night without getting laid. Well, what you might not know is that he has quite the foot fetish. In the end, celebrities are just regular people, like you and me. And he's got a big foot fetish. Even the King himself was known to be a lover of feet! And while many "vanilla" people may think it's weird to be turned on by feet, sucking on toes, or even foot massages, the truth is, there's just some things that excite others that we may not fully get. Believe it or not, having a foot fetish is actually pretty common.

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Scarlet. Age: 21.
feet fetish tease

There have been stories of Elvis having his handlers screen women based solely on their feet before he'd have anything to do with them romantically.

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Elliana. Age: 31.
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And he's got a big foot fetish. I like women's feet, I can't help it. He even said once , "Here's the thing about feet: you can't help what you love. She, too, has a foot fetish.

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