Android 18 muscle growth

android 18 muscle growth
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Turles' bulked up chest after eating the Fruit of the Tree of Might. Effects cannot be layered on top of each other. Lord Slug uses this when in his Great Namekian form. Frieza uses it just before transforming into his second form, which causes his Battle Armor to shatter. General Blue uses this technique shortly during his fight against Goku, which resulted in him swelling to the extent that Goku compared him to a "great big balloon" when witnessing the power up. Android 19 pumps up when absorbing energy.

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Willa. Age: 32.
android 18 muscle growth

Turles' bulked up leg after eating the Fruit of the Tree of Might.

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Gloria. Age: 29.
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In the Budokai Tenkaichi series, Pump Up is a Blast 1 that enhances all stats used in battle for a brief amount of time, though it decreases speed. After the effect is gone, ki charge will be much slower than before. Sign In Don't have an account? When Turles eats a fruit from the Tree of Might his body bulks up, although this is shown to only be temporary, with Turles' body quickly receding back to its normal shape.

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