Ahsoka and barriss kiss

ahsoka and barriss kiss
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She felt her privates tingling as Barriss sucked her neck, but she still felt disgusted. Barriss groaned and retreated her hands. As much as she hated what Barriss was doing, she couldn't deny how good this felt. Barriss knelt closer, stroking the cage, and staring at Ahsoka's bare flat stomach. She soon forced her tongue into the innocent Togruta's mouth, and explored her throat. Her feet barely touched the floor as she dangled from her wrists. A door opened in front of her, and Barriss walked in.

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She couldn't see a way out of this torture.

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Barriss and her padawan slave

Then she raised her hand, and slapped Ahsoka's face. She kept shocking until Ahsoka went unconscious. She wanted to reach and touch her Pussy, but it felt weird. Barriss felt a surge of pleasure at causing this pain.

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