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Join us as we travel all over the world and bring you to great locations, events and naked fun plus great photos! Show August 21st, Click on photos to enlarge! Plus, Brian talks with the keynote speaker at the expo, Andrew Einhorn! Come join us for the usual news, an "Ask a Nudist" question that reveals many fun things to do, plus upcoming events for the winter season! Show December 1st, Click on photos to enlarge! On This Show: Join us for some spooky fun on our Halloween special!

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Show June 14th, Click on photos to enlarge!

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Get naked too and check it out right now! On This Show: Join us for another fun show with news, an "Ask A Nudist" question that gets mixed responses from our crew and social media, plus we have a really funny take on streaking that's a guaranteed laugh! Watch the first ever live marriage proposal on Nudes in the News! Show March 16th, Click on photos to enlarge!

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