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Param e dic s went insid e an d ca rt e d out a plump elderly woman who was on a respirator and apparently having a h ea rt attack. But I should ha ve told him it didn ' t matt e r. A limo-driving friend of mine has told me stories that made my jaw drop. The good doctor got in the car, they popped open a bottle of bubbly, and proceeded to moan and groan for the entire two-hour journey. In my 13 years behind the wheel, I've seen some pretty crazy things. Afraid that something was wrong, I parked and hurried to open her door. Your Taurus Monthly Horoscope for February.

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Alisha. Age: 28.
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Runnin g alongside th e EMTs was th e buff A-li s t e r , sc r ea min g at the lad y, " I told you thi s would happ e n!

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Allison. Age: 23.
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What It's Really Like to Be a Limo Driver

No one both e r e d to put up th e divid e r b e for e th e camera s tart e d rolling and th e two actors pr oceede d to h ave sex. They were both ridiculously attractive and seemed a little wild, so I was eagerly anticipating a bachelorette-party repeat. Whil e that m ay sound unb ea tabl e, I'v e e ncount e r e d eve n m e an e r celebs.

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