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Being a girlfriend in the mansion wasn't easy. She felt bullied by some of the other women, especially Vicky, whom she had thought was her friend. Besides the prescribed sex, on evenings when they weren't required to be home, there was a 9pm curfew. But none of the girls would ever really admit to it or talk about it. Did she ever consider to it be non-consensual?

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Maddison. Age: 21.
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The decision immediately cut her off from friends outside the mansion.

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Kiana. Age: 23.
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Holly Madison Reveals The Hell That Is Playboy Mansion Life

Being a girlfriend in the mansion wasn't easy. Listen Live Here iHeartRadio. And when Bridget and Kendra were getting ready to leave, and it seemed like I was finally going to be the only one, he went off on me three times in one weekend — two of those anecdotes I detail in the book.

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