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Metal Sonic is always on the dark side throughout the series. He also says "Sonic, I was created for the sole purpose of destroying you", near the middle of the fight, raising the question as to how Metal Sonic can both believe himself to be the real Sonic and at the same time acknowledge his existence as a mechanical copy of Sonic. This suggests that Metal Sonic's obsession with the real Sonic, and the belief that he is better than him drove him insane in the process and twisted his rational mind, making him think that since he is supposed to be the superior Sonic, it makes him the real Sonic. Metal's battle with Sonic eventually lead to the outside of Eggtroplis, where Metal managed to defeat Sonic, by knocking him off a mountain top, and believed him to be dead. Eggman's position and sought out the data from the others to become Metal Overlord: So that he could finally defeat Sonic.

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Metal soon after briefly protected Dr.

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Female Metal Sonic 5.0: The Adventure (Movie)

Eggman needed to finish his invention, was to complete Metal Sonic's AI by infusing it with Sonic's life data in order to make it the ultimate fighting machine. After briefly building up power for the confrontation, Metal faced Sonic in a high speed battle, and proved himself to be more than a match for the real Sonic, and managed to overwhelm him in both strength and speed. After drilling into the magma pocket, Metal saw Sonic coming and launched an unsuccessful surprise attack from below. Eggman and Sara , as they crashes into the Egg Mobile, but they soon after resume their fight.

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