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Originally posted by sexycliffconda. You gripped his curls as he sucked a hickie. The autumn weather is chilly and windy, and your forgetful self forgot to bring gloves before you went outside. However, it was a Monday, and that meant you had to go to school. His angry and snappy personality is difficult to deal with at times, but the hot, steamy and messy sex makes up for it. His hand kept a steady grip on your waist as his other one moved your dress up a bit, smirking at how soaked your underwear already was as he moved them to the side and prodded his finger against your folds.

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Angelina. Age: 23.
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Originally posted by sexycliffconda.

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Wynter. Age: 30.
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Finally Tom pulled you to the bed and laid down on it. Your hips began to lose sync as you got closer. Jiraiya: there's a line forming to slam-dunk his face into the toilet. His other hand traveled down to your clit, rubbing at the sensitive little bud, helping you reach your orgasm.

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