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With two fingers, I coated her asshole with more lube. Two quick rounds of rock-paper-scissors, and Sooyoung wins, showing a rock against two scissors. She stopped moving for a while to let me enter her butt. Tiffany moved away and sat beside my head, giving me a clear view of Seohyun's sexy body jerking and convulsing like crazy. That means I'm grouped with Sooyoung, along with a Japanese and a Korean guy. I looked at what the girls were holding. Apparently, Sooyoung wanted to fuck my ass as well.

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She then moved her head back and forth, sucking me gently and methodically while stroking my thighs and delicately squeezing my balls.

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Sooyoung joined her, licking the sensitive underside of my throbbing member. All of us had something written on our pieces of paper. She then crawled towards me, took my softening cock, and sucked me clean. Thank you so much to our lovely and very lucky fans for participating in this very special fan service, and most especially for not being rough at all with us.

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