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Email required Address never made public. It was all I could do to concentrate on the road ahead as my mind started skipping on to what would happen next. It all started with some light sexting, talking about the next time we were going to meet up and what I imagined doing to him. To which I reply by unfastening my coat and letting it drop to the floor — along with his jaw and his tongue. Thanks RoseTinted, so glad you enjoyed it! What followed was perhaps the most earth-shatteringly, eardrum piercingly turn your legs to jelly, sex had in recorded history! Football Guy eventually glances at his watch and says that he may have to go in the next hour or so.

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Lexi. Age: 25.
lingerie under trench coat

I put on some music to further relax me and start teasing him, brushing past him lightly, running my fingers up his thighs and then my tongue.

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Madeleine. Age: 25.
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23. Trench-Coats and Power Trips

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Thanks, yeah I have to admit it took me a long while to find someone I was comfortable enough to do this with. My flat-mate had kindly vacated for the evening so I knew I had free rein to do as I pleased in any room bar hers of course, eww… that would just be weird I so choose to and with as loud a voice as I care to. I then gently enquired if he would mind being ever so slightly… restrained.

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