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I laughed and took his phone smiling. I grabbed my keys and rushed out the house. I closed the door and saw him sound asleep which made my heart warm. I rubbed the lavender scented soap gently on my skin with a clean washcloth. I cautiously opened the door and let out a breath that I had been holding in. I grabbed my things and went down the stair case going straight past Trey to the front door. She had on stained gray shorts and black nappy hair.

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The doctor finally walked in after three minutes of me panicking to myself.

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Carla. Age: 30.
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Make sure you go get Taylor cause she right up the street from you. There was a picture of Love Chris me and Tay on one side then one with his niggas. Her mom came to the door unlocking it. I got dressed and spritz some of the matching body spray that came with the lotion and soap.

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