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Beni, Kagetora, mistaking her for her ancestor, Princess Beni, stretches both sides of her thong in an attempt to rip it off; claiming that it was inappropriate wear for a princess. In "Gluttinator", Zack and Eleanor give their opponents wedgies during one of their matches. In a commercial for Sprint Unlimited, while two families are left hanging by the backs of their shirts, a poor kid somehow winds up hanging by his underwear. Patrick gives Spongebob a wedgie during their fight in the episode "Battle of Bikini Bottom". In "An Ed Is Born", Eddy again receives a unique wedgie when Kevin attaches Eddy's boxers to the back of Kevin's bike and begins dragging him around the cul-de-sac.

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His dad, Darryl, does the same to him in another.

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Incredible Crew : In one skit, Tristin gives himself an atomic wedgie for bumping into Jeremy. In the episode "Fashion Victims", Nikki picks out a wedgie after saying her underwear had been "lodged for hours" in her butt. One skit in Bad Grandpa has the titular grandpa give his grandson, Billy, a wedgie. Quantum Leap : In the episode "Runaway", Sam, while in the body of a boy named Richie, receives two wedgies from Richie's bully of an older sister, Alexandria.

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