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anime wolf girl with brown hair
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Kraft Lawrence husband Myuri daughter. The linings are bear fur and were made with quality tailoring. The outfit she first wears is actually Lawrence's best clothes collected over a period of ten years , consisting of a purple shirt with a black, fur-lined vest, a black skirt, black and white pants, and a long beige hooded robe. This is not shown better than with her and Lawrence meeting the lovely shepherd girl Nora Arendt. Feeling unneeded and that she had kept her promise long enough, she skipped town with a traveling merchant named Lawrence , by 'jumping' from the villagers' wheat to Lawrence's wheat in his wagon.

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Ayleen. Age: 21.
anime wolf girl with brown hair

At the beginning of her transformation, all her teeth morph into fangs.

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Lilith. Age: 28.
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Anime Wolf Girl and Black Prince Shōjo manga Mangaka, Anime transparent background PNG clipart

Yoitsu birthplace Nyohhira. She speaks in a formal manner that might be expected of people during her younger centuries, and rarely, if ever, uses contractions. Holo is a massive alcoholic, often drinking when having the chance to do so and usually getting drunk because of it, though being somewhat able to sustain her wit.

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